The Future Of Intelligent Healthcare Management

Our belief is that assisting physicians with high quality documentation improves the clinical experience, increases reimbursements, and supports the acuity of their patient population.

Streamline coding and CDI processes, ensuring every piece of documentation is thoroughly reviewed. By harnessing clinical intelligence, CODEHR offers a detailed, real-time analysis of provider documentation, pinpointing any areas that may lack completeness. Plus, it smartly recommends the right CPT codes to perfectly match acuity.

A unique “human in the loop” feedback system, which not only allows for real-time coder performance comparison but also offers a comprehensive view of the AI CPT codes, justifications, and coding insights. This integration of our AI platform and human expertise elevates documentation quality and coding efficiency across the board.

Transforms medical coding by offering highly accurate CPT code recommendations directly from provider notes. Beyond identifying the optimal codes, our solution excels by detecting charts at risk due to insufficient documentation, and proactively suggests potential codes contingent upon addressing these gaps. This dual capability ensures not only precision in current billing practices but also guides providers on enhancing their documentation for future claims. 

CODEHR Highlights

Features and Benefits of CODEHR

Healthcare providers, payers, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies are currently bogged down by the manual coding processes. Here’s how CODEHR can assist: