Our customers do more with less in a constantly evolving economy


Going beyond a traditional Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller, we empower clients with custom technology solutions that help them achieve more with less in a constantly evolving business landscape. Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we automate and optimize business operations to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Our Core Strengths

At Silex, we help our customers develop a data strategy as an essential foundation, maximize your data’s value through analytics, secure and protect your data across multiple attack vectors, minimize infrastructure costs to support your data, and enable your business to make timely informed decisions.

Our core strengths include the following:

Our holistic strategy is centered on integrating cutting-edge automation tools to streamline both infrastructure and business processes, enabling your organization to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Our RPA solutions go beyond traditional automation, allowing for the handling of unstructured data and decision-making, thus liberating your workforce from mundane tasks and empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives.

At Silex, we are at the forefront of harnessing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive innovation and efficiency in enterprise IT solutions.

Our bespoke approach involves fine-tuning these models with your enterprise-specific datasets and adapting them to cater to your unique use cases, thereby ensuring highly customized and effective solutions. Furthermore, in an AI/ML landscape that is in constant flux, we maintain robust collaborations with our OEM partners, which allows us to navigate this dynamic ecosystem with finesse for our clients.

We recognize the imperative of data center modernization in an age where digital capabilities define the success of an enterprise. Our specialized focus on data center transformation is designed to catapult your infrastructure into the future. Through cutting-edge technologies such as liquid cooling and submersion, we ensure optimal thermal management and significantly reduce the energy footprint of your data center.

We are acutely aware of the transformative role digital engineering plays in reshaping the infrastructure landscape. Our strategic focus for infrastructure clients encompasses cloud and application modernization, which entails the re-architecture, re-platforming, and revitalization of legacy systems to enhance agility, scalability, and performance.

Our comprehensive DevOps approach streamlines the collaboration, monitoring, and automation processes, ensuring faster deployment cycles and heightened reliability.

Our comprehensive secure data strategy is designed to fortify your organization against increasingly complex data threats and challenges. In collaboration with our OEM partners, we provide a robust suite of solutions encompassing enterprise backup, ensuring the integrity and availability of your critical data.

Our experts diligently assess your current security posture, architect tailored solutions, and ensure end-to-end delivery to bolster your enterprise’s resilience against cyber threats.


Our Methodology

We commit to a comprehensive approach to address each unique challenge and deliver top-notch results.

Through our solution architects, we keep you abreast of emerging technologies, and with detailed competitive analysis, we help you gauge the market trends to make informed decisions.

With Silex Data Solutions as your partner, you gain an ally that not only enlightens and guides but is unwaveringly focused on tailoring solutions that are the epitome of technical excellence, value, and alignment with your enterprise objectives.

We delve into the nuances of your business challenges and use cases, encompassing cloud and application modernization, digital transformation, cyber security, automation, and AI/ML.

Whether it is modernizing your cloud infrastructure to achieve agility, embarking on a digital transformation journey, fortifying your defenses against cyber threats, automating processes for efficiency, or harnessing the power of AI and ML for data-driven insights, Silex Data Solutions is your partner in navigating the complex enterprise ecosystem.

Our team

Our passionate team of professionals combines diverse backgrounds and extensive industry experience. We deliver personalized solutions that drive your business forward, understanding your needs with precision.

Johnna Smith


Silex Data Solutions is a minority-owned business (EDWOSB and WBE certified). As the primary owner, Johnna Smith leads the overall corporate direction for Silex Data Solutions. Her background in operations and marketing serves her well in business development, operations, and the overall leadership of Silex.

Ryan Smith


President of Silex Ryan Smith has a passion for people and helping them solve business problems that have propelled an IT career with both breadth and depth.

He co-founded Silex Data Solutions to fill an enterprise market need for a truly agnostic provider that shifts the focus from infrastructure to client data strategy.

Bryan Dunn


Bryan has primary responsibility for directing and overseeing all company financial/accounting objectives and obligations. He has over twenty years of financial and management experience, including an association with a Nashville-certified public accounting firm.

Derek Lewis


Derek Lewis serves as the Vice President of Technical Services at Silex and is responsible for Silex’s technical pre-sales architecture and delivery engineering teams. Derek has over 14 years in the healthcare & technology industries in various roles, including technical leadership and management roles for large healthcare companies, as well as CTO of a cloud-first healthcare startup.


Collaboration fuels success, and our strong partnerships with industry leaders are the catalysts for innovation. Together, we deliver solutions that meet your evolving business needs, propelling you toward unparalleled achievements.


Proudly recognized for excellence in our field, our awards and accolades validate our commitment to innovation, quality, and exceptional performance. These recognitions serve as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and our relentless drive to exceed expectations. We gratefully acknowledge the support of our valued customers, partners, and team members who have played a vital role in our success. Together, we continue to strive for greatness and make a lasting impact in our field.

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